ZALXNDRA’s handcrafted linen dresses bring to life the nostalgia of the sun-dappled, carefree season

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ZALXNDRA, an independent fashion label with international roots, has just…

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ZALXNDRA, an independent fashion label with international roots, has just released a new photoshoot for its «Don’t Forget Me Summer» campaign. Featuring linen dresses embellished with artistic embroidery in a wanderlust-inspiring Greek setting, the colorful looks by designer and entrepreneur Anna Z. Alexandra aim to recall the nostalgia of your favorite summer days year-round. 

Though summer may come but once a year, ZALXNDRA’s «Don’t Forget Me Summer» campaign opens up a sunny window that lets in all the nostalgia of the beloved season at any moment. Photographed in sun-dappled destinations around Greece, the destination was chosen for its vibrant colors, rich culture and history, and a feeling that uniquely captures the bohemian spirit of summer—all characteristics shared by ZALXNDRA dresses.

Placed in such a setting, the colorful dresses offer a year-round callback to those lovely summer days—of long hours spent with friends and family on picturesque beaches, exploring bougainvillea-lined lanes, or lounging at a waterfront café where the nearby Mediterranean is painted in 50 shades of blue. Paired with glamorous sunhats, oversize sunglasses, and printed scarves, a hint of retro beauty harmonizes with the traditional craftwork and a modern sensibility for women who exude vivacity and harbor a curious spirit.

A material that is synonymous with the season, the fine linen of these dresses lets in cooling breezes while its soft touch engulfs the wearer in luxurious comfort. The unique embroidery of the pieces—each carefully hand-stitched in Ukraine—meanwhile conveys the creativity and beauty of summer months, instantaneously turning the dream of the season into a reality. In hues such as golden yellow, sapphire blue, and sunset pink, ZALXNDRA both stands out and fits perfectly in with its romantic Mediterranean surroundings.

With these qualities, no matter the season or where in the world you might be, slipping into a ZALXNDRA dress is a holistic experience where the nostalgia and joys of summer will come rushing back for you to delight in.

For more information on ZALXNDRA, including how each dress is lovingly crafted, please see the «ZALXNDRA Brand Story» that accompanies this release.

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Founded in Dubai, UAE in 2017 by Anna Z. Alexandra, ZALXNDRA offers a different approach to today’s fast fashion with a dedication to creating high-quality, embroidered linen clothing to keep in wardrobes for a lifetime. With passion and care, each hand-embroidered dress takes two months to complete at a boutique atelier in Ukraine by a team of skilled craftswomen. Comprising five collections of elegant dresses for special occasions, holidays and more—Tradition Collection, Timeless Collection, Resort Collection, High Summer Collection, and Minime Collection—the use of fine linen offers natural health benefits while a zero-waste production model is used to make the brand good for the planet as well as our health. Favored by intellectual, adventurous and artistic women, ZALXNDRA can be purchased at as well as at boutiques in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Greece.


The clothing that you wear should be more than simply fabric. It should tell a story, make you feel good while looking good, and help keep our planet healthy. Weaving these ideas together, ZALXNDRA harmoniously unites innovation and modernity with a rich a heritage of handicrafts in embroidered linen garments. For creative minds, intrepid souls and connoisseurs of the exceptional, these special pieces are the result of passion and creativity, made to explore and complement the magic of the world alongside its wearer.

The story of ZALXNDRA began in 2016, when founder Anna Z. Alexandra was traveling home to Ukraine from Dubai. Celebrating her birthday with a photoshoot in a linen dress that her grandmother sewed and embroidered by hand over 60 years ago, she was taken by the softness of the fabric on the skin, the timeless look and how, despite its age, it was pulled out of the wardrobe in perfect shape, ready to be worn. Impressed by the craftsmanship, she was inspired to reimagine this enduring dress.

Back in Dubai, Anna looked to counter the fast-fashion fad with versatile pieces that would last a lifetime—clothing that was special and high quality to be worn through occasions, holidays and limitless memories. Drawing and experimenting, envisioning different colors and embroidery styles, ZALXNDRA was born.

Dedicated to creating high-quality, personal items, she went to Ukraine where linen and embroidery are in the DNA of the people, to find the perfect team. Working with an all-female team at a boutique atelier, each piece is hand-crafted by a woman who is filled with care and passion for the craft, hyper-focused on details. Taking two months to complete a dress, each is handled by only one talented and experienced embroiderer to maintain a consistent needlework style. Materials are sourced from around Europe, all of it sustainable and biodegradable, to create limited runs of finely produced dresses that eschew the waste and impersonal quality of large cookie-cutter productions.

Officially launched in 2017 and partnering with retail shops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 2018 and Greece in 2019, ZALXNDRA started with short, hand-embroidered linen dresses. These were bohemian-chic, vibrant pieces that could be worn watching the sunset in Santorini or exploring a Moroccan bazaar. Often approached while wearing and showcasing her pieces, an interest for long dresses became clear and were made available to order on request. For those who did not want to wait out the two-month production time, the brand expanded again to include machine-embroidered garments that could be produced more quickly but still followed ZALXNDRA’s philosophy of exceptional quality, detail and creativity.

Thanks to the its eye-catching character, demand grew organically and ZALXNDRA continued to diversify. Currently, the brand includes five collections: the Tradition Collection of hand-embroidered linen dresses that showcase a twist on traditional stitching with creative, playful designs; the Timeless Collection of machine-embroidered linen dresses; the Resort Collection made from lighter fabrics with machine embroidery; and the High Summer Collection of contemporary linen pieces without embroidery. The Minime Collection of machine-embroidered children’s pieces are created from excess fabric for a zero-waste production model, helping to make ZALXNDRA good for the planet and well as our health—linen doesn’t just look and feel good, it is also a natural antiseptic and hypoallergenic. This also made the fabric perfect when global demand called for masks, which ZALXNDRA swiftly stepped up to create, also made from leftover material.

A brand that comes from the heart and is inspired by the world around its founder, the name ZALXNDRA pays homage to Anna Z. Alexandra’s family, mixing her own name with Alexander, her father’s name. Meanwhile, the modern embroidery and refined cuts take inspiration from the global tradition of needlework and are favored by the elegant ladies of her expat home, the Arabian Peninsula. Worn by intellectual women with artistic, open-minded and adventurous souls, who value the most exceptional qualities that life has to offer and appreciate the effort put into a lovingly created garment, ZALXNDRA is for the aesthetically mindful.

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