State-of-the-Art Treatments Garner University Foot and Ankle Institute Multiple Top Doctor Awards

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Three prominent foot and ankle specialists from University Foot and Ankle Institute (UFAI) have…

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Three prominent foot and ankle specialists from University Foot and Ankle Institute (UFAI) have again been named to Los Angeles Magazine’s prestigious Top Doctors list for 2021.

The distinction is especially meaningful because results are established by a rigorous peer-to-peer survey tabulated by Professional Research Services in Michigan.

«It’s a real compliment to have three of our foot and ankle specialists named to this respected list, a first for any podiatric practice,» said Dr. Bob Baravarian, UFAI co-director. «In truth, I believe all of our on-staff podiatrists could be named to this prestigious list of top docs.»

Joining Baravarian on the Los Angeles Magazine Top Doctors list are Drs. Justin Franson and Avanti Redkar. All three doctors are national leaders in the treatment of the bunions, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon issues, sports injuries, ankle replacement, and ankle and toe arthritis, to name a few.

What makes University Foot and Ankle’s doctors tops

The noted doctors practice cutting-edge medicine in Southern California and the greater Los Angeles area. Their doctors have been regulars on television and in print including The Doctors Show, ABC News, Today Show Health, ESPN, Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, Huffington Post and Bleacher Report.

Patients travel from around the nation to take advantage of their foot and ankle medical advances and sports medicine expertise, including:

  • Their state-of-the-art miniBunion Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery™. This procedure uses a 1cm incision and advanced hardware to guarantee durable stabilization, virtually no scarring and a pain-free rapid recovery. It provides the best possible surgical outcome with immediate weight-bearing for mild to moderate bunions.

    UFAI’s surgeons were intimately involved in the design of this procedure and its hardware and have taught it to other surgeons around the world.

  • Holistic metal-free bunion surgery performed without metal screws, thanks to the Ossiofiber™ metal-free surgical hardware. Over time, Ossiofiber™ literally turns into bone and ends the need for living with metal screws in your body or needing them removed at a later date.

    UFAI’s surgeons designed the special Ossiofiber nails and teach other surgeons how to utilize this innovative technology.

  • Their trademarked Forever Lapidus Bunionectomy™ is a revolutionary procedure for more severe bunion deformities. It’s the only bunion surgery that offers a near-zero percent of bunion reoccurrence.  Forever Lapidus Bunionectomy™ patients have far speedier recoveries, with little or no pain, less downtime, earlier weight-bearing, and minimal scarring than previously possible.

    The surgeons at UFAI have designed specific plates and surgical procedures that have accelerated the advancements in the Lapidus procedure.

  • Amniotic Fluid Allograft, a breakthrough regenerative medicine treatment that offers healing and pain relief without the risks of surgery, general anesthesia, hospital stays, or prolonged recovery. Amniotic fluid allograft is an all-natural therapy comprised of 100 percent sterilized amniotic fluid that is rich in naturally occurring stem cell growth factors that can greatly aid in the healing of stubborn pain or injuries.

  • SoftWave tissue regeneration therapy is an FDA-approved shockwave therapy delivers consecutive focused acoustic waves, which carry high energy impulses to painful or injured tissue, tendons, or bone. This technology is used in orthopedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, urology, and even veterinary medicine. Its main assets are fast pain relief and restoring mobility.

    This innovative technology allows the body to release its own healing cells to the injured area and begins a healing cascade that’s been shown to heal tissue faster and at a much higher rate.  Its main assets are fast pain relief and restored mobility. UFAI is the first and only podiatry center in Southern California offering SoftWave technology.

About the University Foot and Ankle Institute

With decades of combined experience and the highest success rates in the nation, UFAI has treated over 200,000 patients. They’re well known as one of the most technologically advanced foot and ankle practices in the nation.

For decades UFAI’s surgeons are at the forefront of research, education, product design, regenerative medicine and advancements of foot and ankle care. Their non-profit foundation educates surgical fellows in advanced foot and ankle treatment and surgery, has performed dozens of clinical trials and educated the community for 20 years.

The doctors at UFAI are available for interviews or to write regular columns on a myriad of foot and ankle issues affecting men, women and children. Specialties include sports medicine, aging, weekend warrior care, footwear and pro athlete injuries, to name a few.


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