Six months, a million recommendations: Findmeashoe making giant strides in solving the problem of a perfect shoe fit

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Specialty retail stores have used foot scanners for a while. In recent years,…

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Specialty retail stores have used foot scanners for a while. In recent years, the scanner has morphed into a mobile app. In both versions, the scanner addressed a niche segment of footwear buyers who either go to stores or have the patience to download an app for buying a pair of shoes. Research shows that only 2-3% of online customers download an app to scan their feet.

In 2020, Findmeashoe had built and introduced a first-of-its-kind mobile browser foot scanner technology into the market. Now, every smartphone-using customer can scan feet with a click of a button.

«We want to democratize access to the solution that addresses the 100-year-old problem of fit. We achieve this by focusing all products in our roadmap on API-based services, which users can access through a browser and a mobile app,» says Anand Ganesan, CEO of Findmeashoe.

Findmeashoe is pleased to announce that it has delivered more than 1 million personalized shoe fit recommendations through its retail partners globally in the last six months. The company attributes its overwhelming customer adoption to ease of use and accuracy of its fit recommendation system.

Shabari Raje, Chief Product Officer, says, «Shoe fit is a tricky problem. To translate the art of shoe fitting for different styles of shoes into science, we measure the customer’s feet and understand the geometry of the shoe cavity. We capture shoe information by either 3D-scanning the shoe or capturing the last information from the manufacturer.»

The popular approach to recommend correct fit is by using data science models built with purchase data. This approach puts the customer’s feet or the shoe in a statistical bucket, and the recommendations are no longer personal. Findmeashoe has always maintained a purist approach of recommending the fit by analyzing customers’ feet and the desired shoe – just like one would try at a store. The company arrives at these recommendations after accounting for parameters such as foot shape, proportions, personal fit preference, andshoe design, material and intended usage..

Shoe manufacturers can adapt to the Findmeashoe solution to become an integral part of the brand’s experience. A good example is York Fit Finder. Dan McAuliffe, VP of Operations at York Athletics Mfg, says, «The ability to adopt a browser-native technology allowed us to meet customers browsing our site and offer them a seamless solution to find their perfect size in minutes.»

Findmeashoe’s solution has consistently impacted online businesses on traffic-to-sales conversion and reduced product returns by 20-60% for various customers. «This technology has brought the power of an expensive laser foot-scanner to the customers’ mobile. It is validated by the average conversion rate of any customer who has interacted with York Fit Finder. They purchase at a 250-450% higher rate than those who didn’t,» says McAuliffe.

About Findmeashoe

Based in Sacramento, California, Findmeashoe is a revolutionary mobile shoe fitting service pioneer and leader that offers digital shoe sizing and fitting services for brands, online and offline retailers. The service can be utilized through the browser, allowing the shopper to share the scan of their foot and receive personalized recommendations on foot size.

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