Shed Hub to release new standard identifier for the portable shed and accessory building industry.

WEST UNION, Ohio, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Shed Hub, which is widely known for its marketplace platform for sheds…

WEST UNION, Ohio, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Shed Hub, which is widely known for its marketplace platform for sheds and accessory buildings, is continuing on its mission to unite the shed industry with the release of the «SHIN» numbering system. SHIN stands for «Shed Hub Identification Number.» This number system is similar to the «VIN» or vehicle identification number, with one important distinction. The SHIN numbering system uses all numbers to accommodate low-tech users who may be limited to only using «flip» phones or landline phones.

Jeffrey Huxmann, the Founder of Shed Hub, explains, «Currently, the portable shed industry has no common way to identify a shed. Vehicles have the VIN or vehicle identification number. VIN numbers tend to be long and contain numbers and letters. Many people employed by the shed industry use very little technology, members of Amish or Mennonite communities, that refrain from modern technology. The SHIN numbering system is a way for these individuals to use the technology they are comfortable with while staying connected with other members of the industry that use computers and smartphones.»

«Our intent is to keep the SHIN numbering standard open and low-cost to implement. For the rest of 2021 we expect to keep the SHIN numbering system at no cost, and then going forward we’re looking at about $20/month/user.»

ShedHub will be releasing an application programming interface, or API, for those wishing to integrate the SHIN numbering system with their existing software.

Once the SHIN numbering system is in place, then there will be a common way for manufacturers, drivers, sales professionals, repair men, rent-to-own companies, and others to input and share critical information on portable buildings. «Portable buildings can have multiple owners, and go through multiple finance companies  similar to automobiles. Yet there is no common system with-in the industry to record this information, until now,» says Huxmann. Coinciding with the release of the SHIN numbering system will be the early release of the SHIN tracking system, allowing those in the shed industry to input information on a particular building utilizing the SHIN standard.

Huxmann encourages drivers, manufacturers, and finance companies to sign up and take advantage of the new system. «A universal numbering system is very useful for many segments of the shed industry.»

Those interested in adopting the new SHIN standard can request early access by visiting

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