R4V Worries About the Adult Smoker in BC

VANCOUVER, BC, July 20, 2020 /CNW/ – Rights4Vapers.com, the country’s leading vaping consumer rights organization, is discouraged and dismayed by…

VANCOUVER, BC, July 20, 2020 /CNW/ – Rights4Vapers.com, the country’s leading vaping consumer rights organization, is discouraged and dismayed by the introduction of BC’s new vaping regulations.

«As the voice of Canadian adult vapers, we have to ask why would B.C. chose to limit the access and range of vaping products available to adult smokers who want a better alternative to cigarettes?» said Sherwin Edwards, advocate with Rights4Vapers.com.

«While we are happy to see the availability of flavours preserved in adult only establishments, we need to make it easier, not more difficult for adult smokers to access and transition to satisfying, less harmful alternatives at ALL points of sale.» said Edwards.

The new legislation will remove vape products with nicotine concentration of over 20mg/ml from all retail outlets and restrict flavoured vaping products other than Tobacco flavour to adult only establishments which in itself is without Justification .

Many heavy combustible tobacco users require a variety of Nicotine strengths to remain available in order to facilitate and successfully transition to this less harmful alternative .

Other aspects of the legislation that Rights4Vapers contends with plain packaging, the mark of nicotine as a health hazard and the prohibition of nicotine free vape products. Detailed arguments against these regulations can be found in the response Rights4Vapers submitted in January of this year.

«The prohibition of nicotine-free vaping products is an aspect of the legislation that makes no sense,» points out Edwards.  The Rights4Vapers survey data of over 5000 vapers demonstrates that nicotine free vaping products are important parts of the smokers quit journey as they migrate downwards in nicotine levels. «Nicotine-free vapes represent the possibility that adult smokers and vapers can eventually become free of their nicotine addiction.»

Rather than penalizing adults who are making a healthier choice by vaping, governments should address the real cause of youth vaping: access. Young people are getting the product from friends and family, or social sources.

According to research commissioned by Health Canada, the majority of youth obtain their products through social sources or online. What entices youth to vape, according to some public health research, is thrill seeking behavior or social exposure to vaping. «It’s not entirely clear how these new regulations will prevent youth from being interested in vaping or accessing these products,» continued Edwards. «Industry and government should instead be working together to come up with novel ways to prevent youth access and educate youth. Improvements to age verification systems at point of sale and online, as well as public education initiatives that discourage youth uptake are critical to putting a stop to youth vaping.»

Only then will policies not unnecessarily punish the thousands of adult vapers who used these products to successfully reduce their harm.


Rights4Vapers.com is an organization of vaping advocates dedicated to the advancement of Canadian-based research on vaping. Dr. Chris Lalonde is an academic advisor.

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