Minimally Invasive Approach Diminishes the Need for Arm Pump Surgery

CASPER, Wyoming, Nov. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A young motocross rider came into Dr. McGinley’s clinic complaining of severe arm…

CASPER, Wyoming, Nov. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A young motocross rider came into Dr. McGinley’s clinic complaining of severe arm pump. He described how nervous he was to lose out on training time, worried he was to share his condition with his sponsors, how the condition was impacting his standings and moreover, he wanted to ride pain free again. The rider had read about Dr. McGinley’s revolutionary treatment for compartment syndrome, the cause of arm pump, and came looking for answers. Throughout Dr. McGinley’s years as an amateur motocross racer and now a sports medicine interventional physician, he has witnessed firsthand the struggles riders have with «arm pump». Traditionally, riders who suffer from severe arm pump have two options: an aggressive surgery that keeps them off the track for weeks, or as many athletes have sadly found, they must stop riding. With a background in mechanical engineering, Dr. McGinley analyzed the condition and sought to address the root cause. He developed a patented minimally invasive treatment, MVP Treatment or «McGinley Vascular Pressure Treatment». A recent study, looking at hundreds of his patients, showed the treatment was 87% effective in treating exertional compartment syndrome. Instead of weeks of recovery from surgery, Dr. McGinley treated the rider with an out-patient procedure with minimal downtime. Like many others, it got him back on the track and riding pain free. Dr. McGinley, and his patients, have been passionate about spreading the word on this novel procedure. The results can be seen in the medical world with published studies, but others are taking notice too. MVP Treatment has been highlighted in Dirt Rider, Motocross Action, Women’s Running and Runner’s World magazines as well as on Enduro Racer James Stearns’ Inside Enduro Podcast. 

McGinley Vascular Pressure Treatment™ is a patented, minimally-invasive procedure for Compartment Syndrome / Arm Pump.

Athletic trainers, team physicians and the athletes themselves should know this option exists. Dr. McGinley and his team are holding an educational webinar on November 30th to outline the procedure and discuss its benefits. Highlights include:


What causes «Arm Pump»?

Forearm exertional compartment syndrome, otherwise known as «arm pump», can impede the ability to grip handlebars and remain competitive. Arm pump is an inflow/outflow problem of blood in the forearm muscles. The forearms are made up of several groups of muscles responsible for the gripping motion of the finger and hands. As the forearm muscles contract, they become enlarged and engorged. The contracting muscles compress the veins causing swelling and increased pressure in the muscles. Arm pump is caused by restriction of blood leaving the forearm.

How is MVP Treatment different? 

Dr. McGinley uses advanced MRI, ultrasound and CT imaging to identify the exact site of compression. He then injects botulinum toxin (commonly known as BOTOX) into small segments of muscle that are compressing blood flow. The muscles are locally paralyzed allowing blood flow to resume normally. «MVP Treatment is much less invasive than traditional surgical remedies, has a much shorter recovery time and less associated risk. The patient is able to walk out of the office immediately after the procedure is completed,» reports Dr. McGinley.

When suffering from severe arm pump, many racers think they must quit racing or undergo an invasive surgery with significant downtime. Thanks to this new and innovative approach, there is a better option.

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