Book launch: « The Presidents’ Secret, Volume 1 : The Illusion of Power» by Zac Hopkins

EASTMAN, QC, July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Born many centuries ago, the Purple Notebook is the cause of several bloody…

EASTMAN, QC, July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Born many centuries ago, the Purple Notebook is the cause of several bloody wars. First hidden in London with European financiers, it got stolen a good amount of times. It secretly belonged to several American Presidents, John F. Kennedy being the only one who wanted to make it public. But he was prevented from doing so. Hidden once again, people are still looking for it to destroy it, whatever it cost, or to unveil its true nature. The Purple Notebook: bringer of war or liberty?

James Bradford, ex-journalist, and Brooke Harris, great-granddaughter of a shadow political advisor to John F. Kennedy, are on this quest in this fascinating thriller where reality mixes with fiction. With his sharp pen, the author, Zac Hopkins, will bring his readers on a trip around the world and through History along with his endearing characters.

The book launch will take place on Friday July 23rd 2021, at 5:00 p.m., at Chi-Terra, 741, Bolton Road, in Saint-Étienne-de-Bolton. A book’s extract will be read, both in English and in French.

About the author

Son of an American English teacher and a French-speaking mother, editor-in-chief of a daily newspaper. Zac Hopkins grew up in Montreal, Quebec. At age of 17, in 1983, he joined his father in New York and pursued a triple degree in history, English literature, and ancient languages. After graduation, he taught history in university for several years. At the same time, he developed a fascination with geopolitics. For more than ten years, he carried out research during which he studied American presidential history and the impact of the media on society. From his research emerged the themes that are the backdrop for a series of novels. Passionate about his discoveries, he left the academic world and nourished the hope of writing a first novel. Perfectly bilingual, he chooses to write it in French because of the richness of the vocabulary and the Latin origin of the words. He resides in the United States and benefits from a dual American Canadian nationality, he stays regularly in Quebec where he owns a property. Currently, he is focused on writing the Second Volume of the Presidents’ Secret trilogy.

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