A Powerful New Partnership Emerges in Canada

LEAP Acquires DivorceMate to Focus Solely on Making Law Firms More Productive and Profitable using World Class, Innovative Software Solutions. 


LEAP Acquires DivorceMate to Focus Solely on Making Law Firms More Productive and Profitable using World Class, Innovative Software Solutions. 

TORONTO, Oct. 12, 2021 /CNW/ – LEAP Group Holdings Inc. (LEAP) and DivorceMate Software Inc. (DivorceMate) are delighted to announce LEAP’s acquisition of Canadian software companies; DivorceMate Software Inc. along with MySupportCalculator Ltd.

LEAP Legal Software is a multinational legal tech company that provides its market-leading cloud practice and productivity software solutions to law firms in Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and New Zealand.

DivorceMate is the premier supplier of family law software in Canada and is used by thousands of law firms and members of the judiciary to solve the difficult questions around support and asset splits in family separations.

Richard Hugo-Hamman, Executive Chairman of LEAP said on the closing of this transaction: "DivorceMate is a great acquisition for us. There is a terrific cultural fit. Both LEAP and DivorceMate have focused on developing software solutions that help lawyers who help people to be profitable. Both companies have done this for more than 30 years and I am confident that the merger of our powerful solutions will provide a huge benefit to law firms in Canada."

"I waited a very long time for the right company to acquire and care for DivorceMate and our employees," said Mark Harris. "I believe that LEAP, under Richard’s leadership, will take DivorceMate to the next level of innovative products and services focused on Canadian family law professionals, the Judiciary and the Public’s Access to Justice."

Mark Harris will join LEAP on the Canadian Board, continuing to provide his expertise on making non-corporate law firms as profitable as possible and help grow the LEAP business in Canada.

The private law market is incredibly price sensitive, and software to boost efficiency is essential to law firm growth. LEAP will continue to invest heavily in Research and Development and one of the first steps to be taken will be to develop the integration between LEAP, DivorceMate and MySupportCalculator to eliminate duplication of effort and boost productivity. A cloud option will also be available to the loyal client base, new firms and those wishing to switch to a premium software solution in the future.

Staff currently working at DivorceMate and MySupportCalculator will be retained, and all contact details and customer service will remain the same.

For more information and interviews please contact: 

Lindsay Doyle | DivorceMate Software Inc. | Manager, Marketing & Special Projects | ldoyle@divorcemate.com |
+1 647.822.3534 | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Michelle Spezowka | LEAP Legal Software | Senior Marketing Manager | michelle.spezowka@leaplegalsoftware.ca |
+1 647.395.4611 | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

About LEAP
LEAP Group Holdings Inc. is a multinational legal tech company that develops productivity solutions for the legal profession across practice management, publishing, financial services as well as client and lawyer collaboration tools. LEAP currently has more than 400 employees in offices throughout Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Currently, more than 12,000 law firms use LEAPs different software solutions successfully worldwide. LEAP’s mission is to help law firms because they help people.

www.leaplegalsoftware.ca  |  www.leaplegalsoftware.com

About DivorceMate and MySupportCalculator
DivorceMate Software Inc. is the leading provider of family law software in Canada. The trusted family law software brand is used by thousands of family law professionals and members of the Canadian judiciary. DivorceMate’s products are cloud-based and include Tools for support calculations, Forms for completing day-to-day court forms and Precedents for drafting agreements.

DivorceMate owns sister-company MySupportCalculator, a public-facing website that provides free and low-cost Child and Spousal support calculations for the Public. The calculator is built using DivorceMate’s Tools’ software engine and provides the only accurate online Child and Spousal support calculations in Canada.

www.divorcemate.com  |  www.mysupportcalculator.ca


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